Nishant H Manapure

Head of Institute - Faculty of Architecture,
Manipal University,

Nishant Manapure is an architect and urban designer, who believes that architecture is a unique combination of philosophy, creativity and practicality. 

Architectural learning is a strong socially responsible process, as the students, in their future, would have a direct impact on the people and their built environment. With a long teaching career of 23 years, Nishant strongly believes in the system of Inter-Professional Education and Practice, and is developing research where diametrically different professions come together to evolve comprehensive solutions for common good.

His research interests are in the area of Urban Development, People-Centric Design, Designing for Children, Environmental Psychology and Sustainable Practices. Nishant strongly advocates learning from Traditional Systems of Design. His current research is for Water Sensitive Urban Design, involving traditional systems for urban water conservation.

Alongside academics, Nishant is also an able professional in the field of architecture. The doctrines of - Honestly Simple, Pleasantly Useful and Elegantly Aesthetic – is the driving force behind his professional philosophy. He believes in the Theory of ‘Needism’, where user, activity, needs, comfort, aesthetics and nature come together to provide Value for Money designs.

Nishant also has avid interest in photography, crafts, recycling, walking, traveling and exploring new places & spaces, nature and culture. He is a big follower of music and loves classical music and old Hindi songs. He is also an ardent sports enthusiast, enjoying cricket and other sports.

Prof. Nishant Manapure considers laughter, banter, enjoyment, happiness and celebrations as an integral part of life, and wants everyone to make these as regular lifestyles..!!