MAHE-FAIMER advantage









Progressive learning

The faculty of MAHE-FAIMER Program were drawn from varied disciplines and are widely recognized in their respective academia; they are also actively engaged in academic entrepreneurship in evolving innovative teaching-learning and assessment methods to enhance the quality of professional education and best suited in contemporary academic practice. 

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SEARCH – The Health Sciences Library is one of the central support services of MAHE, Manipal. SEARCH, the state of the art library, has huge repository of medical education resources and have subscription to distinguished print and digital repositories in the field. SEARCH  is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of CD-ROM, Online Databases, online journals, e-Learning, Video Cassettes, Books, Journals, Back Volumes of Journals, Theses and WHO Publications.

The MAHE-FAIMER fellows will be extended to use the library facility during the onsite fellowship period. 

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The MAHE-FAIMER fellows will be provided one-to-one mentorship from start of the fellowship until the fellows complete the program. The mentors facilitate, guide, supervise, role-model the fellows to acquire the leadership competencies in inter-professional education. The mentors will be responsible for monitoring the progress of the curriculum innovation project and its successful completion; of course, with the cooperation of the fellows. 


During the offsite session of the fellowship, the fellows will network with each other and with the MAHE-FAIMER faculty discussing on various aspects of interprofessional education through monthly web discussions moderated by faculty members. This networking would enable the fellows to widen the horizons of learning experiences acquired during the onsite session. The moderated ML web discussions are structured learning modules that complement the MAHE-FAIMER curriculum. 

The learning experiences of fellows will be channelled through structured sequential learning modules that facilitates acquisition of leadership skills in phasic and progressive manner. The fellows will involve in self-directed learning activities adjunct to the moderated & mentored ML web discussions that augments the progressive learning process.