About Fellowship

The MAHE-FAIMER International Institute for Leadership in Interprofessional Education is a two-year fellowship program that emphasizes development of leadership competencies for interprofessional practice (IPP). It provides opportunities for interaction with recognized leaders in IPP, collaboration with peers, and implementation of interprofessional projects.

The fellowship includes two annual one-week residential sessions at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Karnataka, India, and two 11-month online learning sessions following the residential sessions.

The online learning sessions focus on mentoring of fellows, networking, and exchange of ideas through participation in an online forum. During these periods, fellows and their interprofessional teams will also implement projects related to improving health. The interaction facilitated through both residential and online sessions builds a community of interprofessional practitioners who become change agents at their institutions and in their regions.

Participants receive mentoring and support from experts, faculty, and fellows who will be connected throughout the program and beyond. Fellows will be assessed based on performance and participation in contact sessions, list serv discussions, assignments, and their projects.

To enhance faculty understanding of interprofessional education and practice
To implement collaborative projects in interprofessional education (IPE) that are relevant to the health needs of the community
To develop faculty who will be leaders in the practice of IPE

Interprofessional Project
Proposal and completion of an interprofessional project is a requirement of the fellowship. The objective of the interprofessional project is to foster interaction and collaboration amongst faculty of diverse professions to enhance health outcomes. The project must be proposed at the time of application for the fellowship and must be implemented at the fellow’s institution. Project summaries and results are shared with the fellows and faculty during the second residential session in the form of posters and project reports. The projects shall relate to interprofessional education approaches that improve health through targeted interventions.

The following points will be considered for evaluating the project proposal submitted at the time of application:
>> Relevance to interprofessional education
>> Feasibility
>> Sustainability
>> Social accountability
>> Scope for enhancing health outcomes

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants should:
  1. Be affiliated with a higher education institution.
  2. Have a graduate or professional degree (e.g., medicine, dentistry, alternative medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, nutrition, veterinary sciences, agricultural sciences, engineering, humanities, law, social sciences, or management).
  3. Have a minimum of five years of work experience as a faculty member following completion of their formal academic training.
  4. Have the endorsement of the institution(s) for the proposed interprofessional education project when applying for the institute.
To apply to MAHE-FAIMER IPE Leadership Program, please click here.