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YearFellow NameDesignation / DepartmentInstitutionCIPPresent Status
YearFellow NameDesignation / DepartmentInstitutionCIPPresent Status
2015 Aarthy Ramasamy Lecturer / Public Health Manipal University Prevalence of depression among older adult population in Udupi taluk, Karnataka Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Abdul Rahman Mustafa Kamel Mohammed Rasheed Lecturer / Physiology Almaarefa College, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Implementation of Integration Department Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Abhishek Chaturvedi Lecturer / Biochemistry Melaka Manipal Medical College / Manipal University Creating awareness of oral health hygiene in the Koraga tribal community residing in the coastal region of Karnataka Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Anitha Guru Lecturer / Anatomy Melaka Manipal Medical College / Manipal University Introducing Medical Humanities through Theater Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Anne D Souza Assistant Professor / Anatomy Kasturba Medical College / Manipal University Peer teaching in Basic life support: An interprofessional approach to enhance the leadership in healthcare Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Arathi Rao P Lecturer / Public Health Manipal University An epidemiological study of hand injuries among printing press workers at Manipal, South Karnataka Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Arvind Kumar Pandey Assistant Professor / Anatomy Kasturba Medical College / Manipal University Awareness of obesity and its health hazard among students of Manipal University: The impact of a multi-disciplinary educational intervention Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Jamuna Rani Associate Professor / Biochemistry Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital, Chennai The Story of Biomolecules Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Johnson Alex Associate Professor & Head / Clinical Psychology School of Allied Health Sciences / Manipal University Efficacy of resilience intervention among students of allied health sciences colleges, Manipal Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Kamath Madhusudhana Assistant Professor / Ayurveda Kasturba Medical College / Manipal University A critical analysis of role of AYUSH in Primary health care delivery Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Kanishk Gupta Assistant Professor / Periodontology Manipal College of Dental Sciences / Manipal University Geriatric Dentistry – Caring the Old by educating the young: A Collaborative Approach Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Mohammed Al-Naami Director - TL & Assessment / Vice-Rector - Health Specialities College of Medicine / Kind Saud University A novel interprofessional health education center Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Mukhyaprana Prabhu Professor / Medicine Kasturba Medical College / Manipal University Geriatric Dentistry – Caring the Old by educating the young collaborative project  Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Nagamma T Senior Grade Lecturer / Biochemistry Melaka Manipal Medical College / Manipal University Knowledge and awareness of cervical cancer among South Indian women Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Peralam Yegneswaran Prakash Assistant Professor / Microbiology Kasturba Medical College / Manipal University Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour of Professionals towards sick building syndrome and fungal sinonasal infections Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 P Girija Ratna Kumari Professor / Microbiology Melaka Manipal Medical College / Manipal University Effectiveness of Outpatient Psycho-Oncological Counseling and Yoga for Cancer patients  Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Rajaneesh Tolahunase Associate Professor / Anatomy SSR Medical College, Mauritius  Induction of Inter Professional Practice-Stage I (IPP-SI) in undergraduate medical programme as a part of "Foundations for Enhancement of Medical Professional Practice Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Ramprasad Vasthare Prabhakar Associate Professor / Public Health Dentistry Manipal College of Dental Sciences / Manipal University Manipal Dental Smart Phone Application for Oral health Promotion and Tobacco Cessation Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Sreejith Govindan Assistant Professor / Microbiology Melaka Manipal Medical College / Manipal University Medical Communication : Establishing communication skills among medical students - A quasi experimental study on communicable diseases Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Subhashree A.R Professor / Pathology Sree Balaji Medical college and Hospital / Bharath University Need to improve on affective domain of the students in par with cognition and psychomotor skills Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Suneeta Kalasuramath Associate Professor / Physiology S.S. Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Davangere Evaluation and preference of self directed learning modes among first year medical students, Karnataka, India Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Teddy Andrews Senior Grade Lecturer / Public Health University Dept / Manipal University Intergenerational Solidarity and Psychological well-being of elderly in Udupi District, Karnataka, India Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
2015 Vineetha Ravindranath Associate Professor / Oral Medicine and Radiology Manipal College of Dental Sciences / Manipal University Design and development of a ’custom-made’ dental radiographic trainer model and evaluation of its effectiveness in teaching and learning Fellowship - ongoing (session 2_offsite) 
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